Relaxing Facials

“Love the skin you’re in”, this is something as the founder of Brisbane Empower Beauty I pride and work on daily myself and I want to share this with others, not only by nourishing your skin with treatments on the outside but the helping to understand how to treat the skin from inside out continuously for optimal skin health.

Calming Hydration Facial

Relax and hydrate, dry and irritated skin with our gentle, calming and hydrating face mask, paired with a series of calming, hydrating active serums and creams that penetrate deep into the skins layer to help the skin absorb and retain moisture, reduce and calm any redness or inflammation, further protecting the skin’s barrier from environmental effects and factors.

After 60 minutes leave relaxed and your skin noticeable refreshed, plumper, brighter and softer than before.


Purifying Facial

Deep cleanse the skin of impurities, targeting break out prone and inflamed, uneven skin toned skin.

With potent active ingredients in specialised face masks and serums, intensely penetrating the skin further with deep cleansing properties, leaving the skin after 60 minutes noticeably fresher, clearer, smoother and inflammation reduced.


Rejuvenation Facial

Regenerate and energize the skin, Cleansing the skin first removing it of impurities sitting in and on top of the skin’s layers, allowing for optimal penetration of our potent active ingredients in our specialised masks, creams and serums.

Over a duration of 60 minutes, these treatments work on resurfacing a fresher new layer of skin that is noticeably hydrated, brighter, smoother and firmer.


Specialised Rose Quartz Facial

Calm and cleanse the mind, body and soul with our signature full face rose quartz mask, vibrating calm and positive energy directly into the skin as well as depuffing, brightening, reducing toxins and inflammation of the skin.

Using gentle, active ingredients that are tailored to each individual’s skin, to further penetrate deep into the skin targeting any concerns during a relaxing 60 minutes.



Deluxe Enzyme Peel Mask

Enzyme face masks are a fruit-based peel, this acts like a gentle version of a chemical peel intensely exfoliating the skin, while nourishing a fresh new layer of skin that it leaves behind.

Recommended add on to Purifying Facial.


Deluxe Contouring Mask

Working from the inside out, through the lymphatic system the contouring mask creates a tightening effect designed to treat intensive fine lines, expression wrinkles and enlarged pores.

Recommended add on to Rejuvenation Facial.


Led Light Therapy

Led light therapy works by sending soothing energy deep into the skin tissue.
The LED works on a cellular level with 3 different colour settings to combat active acne, reducing redness and rosacea, stimulating collagen production and encourages faster healing.

Recommended add on to maximise all facials


Dermal Planning

Exfoliating treatment using a blade that removes peach fuzz and dead skin off the top layer of the skin, leaving the skin looking and feeling smoother and promoting deeper product penetration. Boosting the effects of skincare and make-up.