Lash Extensions

Every set is tailored to your desired look as well as your natural lashes. As everyone’s eyes are different, during your initial appointment, we take the time to recommend the best product for your desired look and ongoing care of your natural lashes.

Everyone’s idea of volume is different and your individual look can be controlled by the size of the ‘fan’. for example a full set of 6D fans will be very dense and dark look with little to no gaps between lashes verses a 2-4D fan full set that will look light a fluffy looking set on some eyes showing small gaps for light to peek through.

In some cases, you may want a very dense voluminous look, however your lashes may not be able to hold the weight of the artificial lashes. To avoid premature loss and damage to your natural eye lashes, I will recommend an alternative.

Classic Lashes

1-2 individual lash extension applied to one natural lash, this gives a very natural look most people won’t know they are extensions and will assume you are just naturally blessed or have a great mascara. These will only look lush for 2-3 weeks before needing a refill.

Initial appointment
$135 (90-120 minutes)

Refill appointments
2 Weeks: $65 (45 mins)
3 Weeks: $95 (60 mins)
4 Weeks: $105 (60-90 mins)

Volume Lashes

Multiple light weight individual lashes formed into a fan which I’m our salon our fans can be made up from 2-4D , our fans are also hand made so the difference between hand made fans and pre made are their retention life, pre made ones already bonded together fans which you dip into the adhesive and essentially are applied like a classic lash sitting on top of the natural lash and once the adhesive life or natural lash drops then that fan is lost, with hand made lashes  you need to dip them into the adhesive and then press the fan onto the natural lashes before the adhesive dries and it will essentially dry wrapped around holding onto the natural lash, with this technique the fan holds on lasting longer and we have found a more natural look with the loss, however due to the process of this technique your appointment will take longer.

Initial appointment
$190 (150-180 minutes)

Refill appointments
2 Weeks: $85 (45-60 mins)
3 Weeks: $120 (60-90 mins)
4 Weeks: $140 (60-90 mins)

Hybrid Lashes

Mixture of classic a volume fans, giving a natural yet voluminous look.

Initial appointment
$165 (120-180 minutes)

Refill appointments
2 Weeks: $75 (45-60 mins)
3 Weeks: $100 (60-90 mins)
4 Weeks: $115 (90-120 mins)

Luxurious Lashes

Luxurious lashes are creating using the same technique as our volume lashes. However, to create a denser and luxurious look, we use larger fans (4D-6D). 

Initial appointment $280 (180 minutes)
Refill appointment $150 (Every 4 weeks)

Natural Lashes

Lash Tint


Lash Lift




Tidy and shape.

$25 (30 minutes)

Henna Sculpt

Includes shaping and a wax.


Lamination Sculpt

Includes brow shaping, wax tidy up and tint on top of the lamination. Please let us know if you do not want tint.



Includes brow wax.


Deluxe Brow Sculpt

Wax, tint and around the eye and brow jelly mask treatment.